A New Era in Drug Discovery…


Molecular Sensing, Inc. (MSI) is commercializing Back-Scattering Interferometry (BSI), the world’s first label-free, conformation-sensitive, free-solution assay technology for biophysical characterization of small molecule interactions with complex drug targets. This includes crude membrane protein preparations and other biochemically intractable target binding assays in native-like, free-solution environments — no tags or tethering.

Conformational change is the hallmark of protein dynamics and is intimately related to protein function. BSI detects binding-induced target conformational change with high specificity and sensitivity.

TruBind™ Technology allows unlabeled binding affinity measurement, target engagement verification and mechanism-of-action elucidation in a single assay platform, vital to informing pharmacology and medicinal chemistry drug discovery efforts. TruBind Technology offers solutions for complex and intractable targets including:


• Label-free, in-solution, tether-free
• Conformational change specificity
• Complex matrix-tolerant
• Mass-independent binding affinity
• Radiolabel-level sensitivity
• Low sample consumption
• Streamlined assay development


MSI currently offers the TruBind BSI System 100, a label-free optical measurement technique that senses conformation-based changes upon ligand binding to a target.

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